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Generative AI provides opportunities to develop artistic scenarios in minutes that used to take days, weeks, or months.

Whether I was planning a photoshoot and needed a bit of guidance that I couldn't provide visually or just needed a backdrop for some creative, generating these images has become extremely helpful in a pinch. Some of which, with the correct prompts, could be manipulated with the correct amount of Photoshop work to be the pieces themselves. 


This was an example of getting ultra-specific with a targeted demographic in which we didn't have the budget to execute a full-scale photo shoot. Utilizing generative AI we could put college freshmen into scenarios that would have otherwise taken days or months to plan and instead worked these photos up in a matter of hours to fit the specific guidelines handed to us.


I had a client whose branded colors are a deep burnt orange and a dark navy blue. Reaching out for some holiday creative, I decided to run a generative AI experiment rather than hunting for stock photos and combining them with other pieces as well as altering the coloring to represent their brand. The result was the following above. The range is between hyper-realistic to completely illustrative. 

Brand Specific Holiday

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